Outline of the 1st Forum

The 1st Forum of the ECHONET Consortium was held at Seavans, Minato-ku, Tokyo on 16th July 2014. More than 160 people participated from METI as well as 72 Member Companies and exchanged technical information actively.
In this Forum, Dr. Masao Isshiki of the Smart House Research Center of Kanagawa Institute of Technology gave presentations as invited speeches. Reports from Steering Committee, International Standardization WG, Certification WG, Technical Committee and Promotion Committee were made by the ECHONET Consortium. 7 technical presentations and 13 product exhibitions were introduced by Members.

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The following contents were lectured.

  1. Technology introductions by Member companies
  2. Invited Speeches: Introduction of the SMA Product Certification Test and HEMS Certification Center works
  3. Steering Committee report (transition to a general incorporated association)
  4. International Standardization WG report
  5. Certification WG report
  6. Technical Committee report
  7. System Architecture Working Group(SAWG) activity report
  8. Smart EMS Study Working Group activity report
  9. Inter-operability WG report
  10. Promotion Committee activity report


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