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OMRON Corporation Energy Intelligent Gateway Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Solar Power Generation

ENL Registration date for certification : 2019/03/14

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000431

Appendix Version: Release H

AIF Certification Number
LZ-000028 (Solar Power Generation)
Model Number:KP-MU1P-SET + KP55K2-A
[Measuring Unit]+[Power Conditioner]
[Measuring Unit]
KP-MU1P-* | TPV-MU*P-* | RLE-MU1P-* | CMCS-Z* | MCSM-Z*
[Power Conditioner]
KP*K* | KP*K2* | KP*K3* | KPK-A* | KP*M* | KP*M2* | KP*R* | CSR*N1* | CSR*G1* | PCS-*Z* | PCS-*RZ* | TPV-PCS* | TPV-*R* | TPV-*M* | RLE-KP*K* | KPR-A* | CSR*G4* | KPM-A* | KPW-A*

OMRON Corporation’s Energy Intelligent Gateway is able to manage the state of the solar power conditioner for residential use and the state of the power generation and the power consumption in the house by using the measurement unit and the display unit.
As the measurement unit complies with the ECHONET Lite standard, it can connect to the HEMS controller of each company.
In addition, the Energy Intelligent Gateway can show the amount of power generation and power consumption in an easy-to-understand manner on the display unit, without the HEMS controller, and it can also be used as a simple HEMS.

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