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Ltd.SHIKOKU INSTRUMENTATION CO.,LTD. watt now Controller / Controller

AIF Registration date for certification : 2015/10/2

AIF Certification Number: QZ-000018

ENL Certification Number
Lower communication layer:Wi-SUN (WSA 0048)
Model Number:WDT-002
Detail information

The watt now is an apparatus to visualize electric power and predict power use by capturing data from a smart meter via Route B.

For the use of this product, installation of a smart meter and a display (smartphone or tablet) are required, and the following services are available at home without an internet environment:
(1)  Allowing the confirmation of the condition of electric power usage in real time
(2) Comparison with the past values can be made
(3) Predicting power consumption on the day and judging whether energy-saving life is achieved or not
(4) Capable of checking switching-off of an air-conditioning or the like before going out

In addition, in the case of using a smartphone or a tablet connectable to the internet, by monitoring the amount of electric power in a specific time zone, if the amount differs greatly from the usual usages, this apparatus will send an e-mail automatically. Please use for watching a separated family member and others.

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