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Plugfest Overview


ECHONET Lite standards are recommended as a public HEMS standard protocol that has been increasingly gaining popularity. In a HEMS environment, controllers and devices produced by various manufacturers exist. Therefore, multi-vendor interoperability and compatibility are key. However, at present, problems such as interpretation of standards and installment errors can be detected only after interoperating devices produced by other manufacturers.  


The ECHONET Consortium supports member companies to ensure a favorable environment for product development through Plugfest, as a place that they can feel free to bring their own devices to check interoperability and share installation information.


Plugfest Test Method

Interoperability Test Guidelines

Items to be tested

Definition of Terms

Test: A test of connectivity between different manufacturers’ devices at the ECHONET Plugfest.
Controller: ECHONET/ECHONET Lite node incorporating a “control function”.Node
Device: ECHONET/ECHONET Lite node not incorporating a “control function”.

How to Take Part

Example: How to take part in Plugfest and participate in testing


Photo from Plugfest

Annual schedule for 2nd FY2018 ECHONET Plugfest

  Period to accept applications Planned date Venue
1st Late June 2019 August 29-30, 2019 Kanagawa Institute of Technology
HEMS Test Center
2nd December 2019 February 2020 Kanagawa Institute of Technology
HEMS Test Center

Invitation for the 2nd FY2018
ECHONET Plugfest

Details of the 2nd FY2018 ECHONET Plugfest are announced as described below.
Please spread information to people and departments related to ECHONET development.

We hold “ECHONET Plugfest” interoperability test events for ECHONET-compatible devices, providing an environment that will facilitate mutual connection and verification of manufacturers’ different ECHONET-compatible devices. For the “ECHONET Plugfest”, we invite applications from participating manufacturers and select their contest partners in line with their requested participation format (e.g. full ECHONET Lite devices, ECHONET Lite ready devices, etc.). We then connect their ECHONET-compatible devices and engage all in contests under one roof. Combinations of contest partners are determined by the Interoperability WG.
 According to the schedule, tests are held over the period of two days, but this may be adjusted according to the number of applications (number of contests).
You may wish to conduct additional tests besides the test items that can be implemented on the day of the Plugfest, perhaps because the test time is too short. In such cases, please coordinate separately with individual contest partners and perform testing in your spare time. Please adhere to the period designated for applications, as we will need sufficient preparation time to organize the contest combinations and arrange the venue. We would like to ask all prospective participants for their cooperation in this matter.

Plugfest Participation Eligibility

Each team should complete a “Plugfest Application Form (for ECHONET Lite)” or “Plugfest Application Form (for ECHONET)” and submit it to the ECHONET CONSORTIUM Secretariat Plugfest Management Desk by email.
You should receive an application acceptance from the ECHONET CONSORTIUM Secretariat Plugfest Management Desk within three working days after sending your application. If you do not receive a reply, contact the ECHONET CONSORTIUM Secretariat Plugfest Management Desk.

Participation Fee

None (please arrange your own accommodation and meals)


Prospective participants must satisfy all of the following conditions.

  • 1.The applicant must be an ECHONET CONSORTIUM member company.
  • 2.Team members taking part in the Plugfest must be employees of ECHONET CONSORTIUM member companies, or employees of non-member companies specified in a “1st FY2019 Plugfest Participation Agreement” submitted by an ECHONET CONSORTIUM member company.
  • 3.Plugfest participating members must be able to consent to the following.
    Plugfest participating members shall include individual team members specified in Application Forms for the ECHONET Plugfest, together with the required personnel from their own companies and from affiliated companies, the ECHONET CONSORTIUM Secretariat, ECHONET CONSORTIUM Interoperability WG members, and businesses entrusted with certain Plugfest operations by the ECHONET CONSORTIUM.
    The Plugfest shall not imply any certification whatsoever concerning the quality of products or devices discovered as a result of the tes
    (3)Ban on using information for marketing or advertising activity
    Knowledge of the content or results of tests by other participating members obtained during the Plugfest may not be used in any marketing or advertising activity for products or devices.
    (4)Obligation to maintain confidentiality
    Confidential information concerning the ECHONET CONSORTIUM (including information restricted to members only) obtained through participation in the Plugfest, as well as the content or results of tests at the Plugfest, and information on products and devices brought to the Plugfest by other participating members may not be disclosed to anyone other than Plugfest participating members. However, this shall not apply when general disclosure has been permitted by members participating in the Plugfest.
    (5)Management of confidential information
    Participating members shall handle and manage the confidential information specified in the preceding clause with the same care as when handling their own confidential information.
    (6)Submission of test results and questionnaires
    Phenomena occurring during contests shall be entered on Test Result Aggregation Sheets and sent by email to the Plugfest Management Desk ( within 1 week after the final Plugfest day, together with the follow-up questionnaire and Specification and certification specification review sheets (submission is optional).
  • 4.Items for self-certification in evaluation target protocols for participation in the Plugfest shall be tested and confirmed in-house as far as possible. However, certification of ECHONET, ECHONET Lite, or SMA need not necessarily be obtained.


Participation as observers
Neither members nor non-members may take part in the Plugfest for observation purposes.
Test items on the day of the Plugfest
Please coordinate with your contest partners in advance to select and decide test items from the certification specifications to be carried out on the day. If agreed with your contest partners, you may set your own test items other than those in the certification specifications.
Handling of information given on Plugfest Application Forms
Please note that the content of Plugfest Application Forms submitted will be disclosed to all members participating in this Plugfest.
Absence of contest partners
Please note that if there are no applications for participation by potential contest partners for your requested test targets, your contest cannot be held. In such cases, we will notify you to that effect after arranging the contest combinations.
Power source voltage
The voltage used is 100V, 50Hz. If a different voltage is required, please make individual arrangements, such as bringing a transformer.
Power strips, adapter plugs, etc.
Be sure to bring the required number of power strips, GND type (three-prongs) adapter plugs, and other such equipment for your team.The plug shape should be the same as for ordinary domestic use. If you have plugs of an unusual shape, please make adjustments by bringing adapter plugs, etc.
Test environment
There is no network environment (DHCP server, hub, etc.) at the venue. If required, please make your own arrangements.
Liability when necessary certification has not been obtained
The ECHONET CONSORTIUM presumes that the certification required for TELEC, Bluetooth, or others are as specified in the Specification. As such, we can accept no liability arising from a lack of certification when certification is required. Please note that this liability shall fall upon the individual participating manufacturers.

Past Plugfests

Replies to issues highlighted in “Specification and certification specifications”

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1st FY2012 ECHONET Plugfest


To coordinate the test content with a contest partner team in advance, contact the partner team directly using the contact details given on their application form.

Yes. If you wish to have baggage delivered in advance, notify the number of items and other details to the Plugfest management staff in advance. For more details, see the Plugfest final announcement.

To change your team members, please submit a new application form specifying the members after the change to the Plugfest management staff by the designated deadline.

Unfortunately, ECHONET CONSORTIUM does not accept registrations for participation by teams with more than three members. Please refrain from entering the venue with anyone other than the three members registered for participation. We request your kind understanding, as this rule is applied to all participating companies.

Changes to contests are basically not permitted. But we also provide time separately for open contests, so please coordinate with the various contest teams and use the open contest time to have contests with them. You do not need to contact the Plugfest management staff in advance when using the vacant space inside the venue. Please use it as you wish.

You only need to enter the venue in time for your first scheduled contest. But be sure not to be late for the contest start time. If you arrive before the contest start time, you may use one of the vacant tables. You may also enter the venue while contests are in progress. On arriving, please report to the Reception first.

ECHONET CONSORTIUM invites proposals for additions and changes to ECHONET device object properties in April and October every year. Rather than using the Plugfest review sheets, please make proposals directly to the Consortium at these times.

We occasionally have situations where a contest cannot be started due to the presence or lack of a firewall on a PC, compatibility with IGMP snooping on routers, etc. Please check these settings in advance before coming to the Plugfest.

Yes, if you coordinate with your contest partners and obtain their agreement in advance.

First, check the link in “Past Plugfests – Replies to issues highlighted in the Specification and certification specifications”, and if there is no past inquiry and reply, please ask via “Inquiries”.

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