Certification System

The ECHONET Consortium promotes improvement in interoperability of ECHONET Lite standards through establishing a third-party certification system.
In the following, we will introduce the certification system operated by the ECHONET Consortium.
If you are a member, please also refer to the explanation of the certification system on the members-only page.

Purpose and Benefit of Certification

By FY2023, 149.8 million ECHONET Lite devices had been shipped to the market.

Various services, including energy-saving and home security services, can be brought to the real world by combining ECHONET Lite devices to build a home network.

The ECHONET Consortium established a certification system to prove that products are properly compliant with the ECHONET Lite standard and the ECHONET Lite AIF specification so that users can feel confident in building a home network.

Overview of Certification system

There are two certification systems established by the ECHONET Consortium: (1) the ECHONET Lite Certification System, and (2) the Application Communication Interface specification Certification System (“AIF Specification Certification System”).

Under the ECHONET Lite Certification System, applicant tests its device by itself based on the ECHONET Lite certification test specifications to confirm that the device conforms to the ECHONET Lite specifications and the Detailed Requirements for ECHONET Device Objects. Then, the applicant submits the test results to a certification body certified by the ECHONET Consortium. The certification body makes a pass or fail judgment of the device based on the test results applied for and grants an ECHONET Lite Standard Certification Registration Certificate if the application meets the criteria.

Under the AIF Specification Certification System, a test laboratory certified by the ECHONET Consortium will test the device to be certified based on the corresponding AIF Specification Certification test specifications, and after the certification body confirms that the device has obtained the ECHONET Lite Specification Conformity Certification, it will make a pass or fail judgment of the device based on the test results of the test laboratory and grant an AIF Specification Certification Registration Certificate if the equipment meets the criteria. If the applicant obtains AIF Specification Certification for a smart meter, it is necessary to conduct a test to obtain the ECHNONET Lite Certification System Certification at an accredited testing organization.


The authorized certification bodies and test laboratories accredited by the ECHONET Consortium are listed below.

Products obtained certification with the ECHONET Lite Standard certification or AIF Specification certification are published on the ECHONET Consortium website.

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