What is ZEH?

What is ZEH (Net Zero Energy House)?

ZEH is a house that realizes “comfortable indoor environment” and “the amount of energy consumed by the house in a year is almost zero or less” at the same time. More specifically, it is a house that is highly insulated, requires as little energy as possible, uses energy well with high-performance equipment, and produces more energy (source: the Ministry of the Environment website).

What is ZEH+ (Net Zero Energy House Plus)?

A house that meets the requirements of ZEH, realizes further energy saving, and is equipped with advanced energy management.

ECHONET Lite – a communication protocol supporting ZEH and ZEH +

In order to have advanced energy management, HEMS (Home Energy Management System) is required to manage and control the creation and consumption of energy. And the equipment connected to HEMS must comply with ECHONET Lite standard and ECHONET Lite AIF specification (ECHONET Lite specifications were recommended as a publicly-known standard interface for HEMS by the Smart Community Alliance International Standardization Working Group Smart house Standardization Investigation Committee in 2012).

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