ECHONET CONSORTIUM activities are carried out by the three committees. Their objective: to develop standards for transmission media, which comprise the physical basis for the home network; middleware, which facilitates development of service applications; and service middleware, which performs linkage with external systems.


Representative Director

Kenji Shiraishi

Hitachi Appliances, Inc.

The ECHONET CONSORTIUM was established in 1997 for the purpose of realizing an affluent 21st-century society that is founded on harmony between human beings and the environment.

Since then, we have developed fundamental technologies for home networks that can be used in remote control and monitoring of home appliances to lower CO2 emissions and advance home security and home health care. In 2011, we developed technologies in the area of home appliances and equipment into the “ECHONET Lite Specification,” a standard that is easier to use and can work with standard protocols from Japan and abroad. ECHONET Lite was recommended as an open standard interface on HEMS by the Japan Smart Community Alliance’s International Standardization Working Group that same year, and was approved as an international standard in 2015. In addition, we formulated the “ECHONET Lite AIF Specification” with the goal of achieving multivendor compatibility for ECHONET Lite and launched a certification system for the specification in 2016.

ECHONET-compatible products and services continue to spread throughout the market as a result of member companies’ efforts. At the same time, more and more ECHONET Lite-based smart meters are being installed as work proceeds toward the scheduled installation of such meters in all homes by 2024. We sense that our dream of realizing energy-saving, comfortable, safe, and secure living through the linkage of various devices in the home—a dream we have cherished since our establishment—is coming true day by day. We will continue to promote our activities through wide-ranging collaboration with concerned organizations in Japan to achieve even further expansion of the ECHONET standard. Moreover, we will engage in various activities designed to raise ECHONET’s standing as an international standard. Such activities will include public relations at international conferences and the building of overseas partnerships. We will also make necessary improvements to the standard as new technologies and services arrive.

To help realize an affluent and sustainable society, we will press forward with diffusion and development of the ECHONET standard while encouraging even more companies to participate in our Consortium. We earnestly seek the support and cooperation of all parties concerned.


Steering Committee

Engaged in a comprehensive range of activities to ensure the smooth, efficient operation of the Consortium. Responsibilities include planning, budget management, and administration of general assemblies and forums. Also responsible for organizing and coordinating committees and working groups.

Technical Committee

Engaged in the development of standards for the transmission media and middleware, which will be the building blocks of the next-generation network system.

Promotion Committee

Engaged in public relations to promote acceptance of the next-generation network system developed and standardized by the Consortium. Also conducts surveys to make the system as user-friendly as possible.

[Managing Director]
Hisashi Kodama
Takayuki Amatsu(Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.)
Michiyasu Kawada (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation)
Toshio Nomura (Sharp Corporation)
Morio Hirahara (Toshiba Corporation)
Takashi Murakami (Panasonic Corporation)
Shoji Mochizuki (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
Nobuhiko Hatta (Hatta Law Office)



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