Quarterly Activity Report

Activity report FY2020

ECHONET Consortium activity report(FY2020 1Q)

1.  Held the seventh Regular General Meeting was held at the Large Hall, Seavans S Building 1F (Shibaura, Minato, Tokyo) on June 3

  • In response to the current spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Regular General Meeting of employees was held via live-streaming video from the venue.
    At the meeting, we reported on the operations of the 6th fiscal year (fiscal 2019) and our business plan and accounts for the 7th fiscal year (fiscal 2020) while obtaining approval for our financial report for the 6th year.
    We then obtained approval for the selection of four board members and one auditor.

2.  Inauguration of a new representative director/span>

  • As the term of service for Katsuhiko Hiramatsu, representative director of the ECHONET Consortium has expired, Mr. Nobuo Asahi from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation replaced him, taking leadership of Consortium activities for the next two years.

3. Completed international standardization of the Application Communication Interface Specifications between home air conditioners and HEMS controllers

  • Since 2017, we have been working to make the AIF specifications between home air conditioners and HEMS controllers into international standards with the help of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) through collaboration with the Kanagawa Institute of Technology.
    The standard was officially approved as an international standard in June.

4. Number of shipped ECHONET Lite devices reached 94 million units

  • The number of home appliances installed with ECHONET Lite through 2019 reached 32.93 million (61.13 million, including smart electric meters installed), bringing the total number of devices installed with ECHONET Lite specifications to 94 million.
    With this, we can expect to achieve 100 million shipped units by fiscal 2020, which we set as our numerical target under the ECHONET2.0 Vision.

5. Held the 13th ECHONET Forum on July 3

  • In response to spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the current ECHONET Forum was held remotely via pre-recorded lectures published on the ECHONET website.
    We broadcasted an opening speech by the new representative director, a closing speech by the managing director, our fiscal 2020 business plans from committees, and technical presentations from four Forum member companies.
    It was our first time to hold the Forum remotely; however, there were 508 views in total (average of 56 views).

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