Quarterly Activity Report

Activity report FY2019

ECHONET Consortium activity report(FY2019 2Q)

1.  Holding of the Eleventh Forum

  • On July 11, the Eleventh Forum was held at the Large Hall, Seavans S Building 1F.
    The forum was a success with 109 total participants, including lecturers and technical exhibitors.
    As a special lecture, Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) introduced a smart home subcommittee for building the smart home market. Further Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation gave a presentation closely related to the establishment of ECHONET 2.0 including “ Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation’s Vision of the Smart Life ” .

2.  Exhibited in the IFA 2019/IFA NEXT

  • ECHONET consortium exhibited at IFA 2019:IFA NEXT held in Berlin, Germany (Messe Berlin) September 6-11.
    IFA NEXT (Global Innovation Hub) is a place for exhibitors from universities, R & D institutions, and cutting-edge IT private companies around the world. This time, Japan was chosen as the first partner country, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) also exhibited a booth at the venue.
    The ECHONET Consortium exhibited a booth at the venue to present WebAPI, which enables linkages between clouds to prepare for the upcoming IoT society that the ECHONET Consortium is looking to get involved in.
    During the seven-day exhibition, the ECHONET Consortium’s booth had 150 visitors from various national and international companies, standardization organizations, and news organizations. The exhibition was a success, with a number of favorable inquiries from standardization organizations on facilitating consultation for data linkages and requests from private companies to join the membership.
    Also, a member from ECHONET member companies gave presentations to introduce ECHONET initiatives on a stage constructed at the center of the exhibition hall.

3.  Activities to make the ECHONET Lite AIF specifications into a international specification standard

  • Since 2017, the ECHONET Consortium has been working to make the ECHONET Lite AIF specifications (between home air conditioners and controllers) an international standard in collaboration with the Kanagawa Institute of Technology and with the help of METI.
    The submitted Committee Draft (CD) was approved at the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 international conference held in Nagasaki September 23–27 of this year, and transferring the Committee / Draft for Vote (CDV) for the next stage has also been approved.

ECHONET Consortium activity report(FY2019 1Q)

1.  The sixth regular general meeting was held

  • On June 5, the sixth regular general meeting was held at the Large Hall, Seavans S Building 1F. A report on the business plan and account settlement of the fifth fiscal year (April 1, 2018 through May 31, 2019) was approved and adopted, and selection of four board members were selected in line with the expiration of their terms of office and replacement.

2.  Study on ECHONET 2.0 Vision

  • The “Study Problem Working Group to Realize ECHONET2.0” was established directly under the Board of Directors, and the study of issues for the realization of the ECHONET2.0 vision announced in 2018 was started.

3. Survey on the state of shipments of ECHONET Lite products

  • Conducted a survey on the state of shipments of ECHONET Lite products during fiscal 2018. The survey revealed that 7.36 million units of home appliances and home fixtures were shipp8ed, making the cumulative total shipment of 24.76 million units since fiscal 2013. As of the end of fiscal 2018, 51.82 million units of ECHONET Lite smart electric energy meters were installed. In total, 76.58 million units of ECHONET Lite devices have been made commercially available.

4. Status on devices acquired ECHONET Lite specifications certification

  • During the second half of 2018, 41 devices acquired ECHONET Lite certification (cumulative total of 666), while 67 devices and controllers obtained AIF certification (cumulative total of 417). As a result, over 1,000 devices acquired the certifications.

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