Quarterly Activity Report

Activity report FY2018

ECHONET Consortium activity report(FY2018 2Q)

1.  ECHONET 2.0 vision strategy opened to the general public at CEATEC JAPAN 2018

  • An interim report of the “ECHONET 2.0 vision” strategy that is under consideration at the strategic construction WG was announced at the conference of CEATEC JAPAN 2018 with attendees filled with the venue and exhibited at the exhibition booth established at the exhibition hall.

2.  Public disclosure of WebAPI guidelines to the publicWebAPI

  • Establishment of guidelines for ECHONET Lite Web API that enables collaboration between clouds that can expect creation of various services and opened to the public on the website for the first time in October.

3.  Change of composition of ECHONET Lite standard document

  • A document “ECHONET Lite System Design Guidelines”, 1st edition, which added the description of the design guidelines on the smart meter by making the system design guidelines of Part 5 independent from the ECHONET Lite Standards, was made public.


ECHONET Consortium activity report(FY2018 1Q)

1.  Held the 5th annual general meeting for Company members.

  • June 12: Held the 5th annual general meeting for company members (Large Hall, Building “S” of Seavans Hall)
  • Attendance is 7 managing companies, 89 members of general members (including power of attorney)
  • Reported business report for fiscal 2017, business plan for fiscal 2018 and budget plan for income and expenditure.
  • Approved for election of 2017 fiscal year statements and 4 directors and 1 auditor.
  • Along with the expiration of the term of office of the representative director, Mr. Hiramatsu of Panasonic
    Corporation becomes new representative director.

2.   Started examination of ECHONET 2.0 vision strategy by ECHONET2.0 Strategy WG

In order to construct the strategy of “ECHONET 2.0 Vision” to expand the scope of application of ECHONET Lite from energy to IoT related services, we established a ECHONET2.0 strategy WG and started the review work.
We explained the concept of the “ECHONET 2.0 vision” strategy discussed to the working members at the 9th Forum as an interim report.

3.  The 9th ECHONET Forum held

The 9th ECHONET Forum was held on June 26 and about 95 members got involved.
In the forum, the ECHONET Consortium made an interim report on the “ECHONET 2.0 vision” strategy, and as a special lecture, as an example of the application expansion to IoT aimed at ECHONET Lite, NTT Smile Energy Inc. intorduced the “energy IoT platform” Eco-MEGANE “, and Lawson Inc. intoroduced the ” LAWSON Smart Energy Store “.

4.  The system design guideline of ECHONET Lite is part 5 of the ECHONET Lite specification, but since it is subject to many changes, it is separated as a separate specification as the design guideline of the ECHONET Lite specification Ver.1.13 and the ECHONET Lite system design We changed the composition and opened it to the public.


ECHONET Consortium activity report(FY2017 3Q)

On December 8 (Thu.), a symposium and the 20th anniversary of ECHONET Consortium were successfully held at Akiba Plaza in Akihabara, Tokyo.


ECHONET Consortium activity report(FY2017 2Q)

1. Launched the ECHONET Lite AIF International Standard Development Committee and began activities to make ECHONET Lite AIF specifications the international standard.

2. Added and revised specifications for the extended lighting system class and fuel cell class, including revisions to specifications linked to the Energy Resource Aggregation Business Study Group (ERAB).
Released the Detailed Requirements for Device Objects Release J

3. Released the Interface Specifications for Application Commnication and certification test specifications linked to the Detailed Requirements for Device Objects Release J.

4. Released test tools complying with the updated Interface Specifications for Application Communication

5. ECHONET Consortium exhibited at the 2017 Energy Innovation Japan Event (September 28 – 29, Osaka Prefecture) exhibited by Mart House Research Center, Kanagawa Institute of Technology


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