Quarterly Activity Report

Activity report FY2022

ECHONET Consortium activity report (FY2022 3Q)

1. Full operation of ECHONET 2.0 Technical Seminar started

  • Full operation of ECHONET 2.0 Technical Seminar which is necessary for obtaining the ECHONET IoT MASTER qualification started from October 1, 2022.

2. Detailed Requirement for ECHONET Device Object

  • Detailed Requirement for ECHONET Device Object Release Q rev.1 (Japanese version and English version) have been released to the public (October 2022).

3. Application Communication Interface Specifications

  • Application Communication Interface Specifications Ver.1.00 between Distributed generator’s electric energy meter and HEMS Controllers for the public and certification test specification Ver.1.0* (for HEMS controllers and distributed generator’s electricity energy meters) have been released to members. (November 2022)

4. Test tools

  • “AIF certification test tool Ver.2.0.0 for other devices” supporting the distributed generator’s electric energy meter class has been released to members. (December 2022)

5. International standardization activities

  • AHNC, which consists of ECHONET Consortium, KASH in Korea and IGRS in China, held an online seminar on smart homes titled “Asia Smart Home (Home Network) Standard & Use case Seminar.” (December 2022)

6. Domestic and international exhibitions

  • We exhibited at the following domestic and international exhibitions (real exhibitions).
    ・ CEATEC 2022 (October 18 to 21, Tokyo)
    ・ Energy Taiwan (October 19 to 21, Taipei)
    ・ Enlit Europe (November 29 to December 1, Frankfurt)


ECHONET Consortium activity report (FY2022 2Q)

1. Establishment of Service Cooperation Platform Study Group

  • In collaboration with the JEITA Smart Home Subcommittee, we have established the Service Cooperation Platform Study Group which handles smart home IoT information on the web and conducts examinations to realize the system and system of the orderly co-creation space specified in the ECHONET 2.0 Strategic Guidelines.

2. Detailed Requirement for ECHONET Device Objects Release M has been published as IEC 62394:2022

  • IEC62394 Edition 4.0 which has been revised by IEC TC100 has been published as IEC 62394:2022 which corresponds to ECHONET Device Objects Release M (July 2022).

3. ECHONET Lite and AIF certification change application rules will be changed

  • From October 1, 2022, ECHONET Lite and ECHONET Lite AIF change applications will not be accepted after 3 years have passed since the acquisition of certification (from the date of new registration of the certification registration number).

4. The latest ECHONET Lite specifications and system design guidelines have been released

  • “ECHONET Lite Standard Ver.1.14” and “ECHONET Lite System Design Guideline 3rd Edition” have been released to the public (September 2022).

5. The latest ECHONET Lite Web API specifications and tools have been released

  • ECHONET Lite Web API Guidelines Device specifications section (Version 1.4.1) and Machin Readable Appendix Release P rev.1 modified version(v1.1.1) have been released to the public (July 2022). The latest experimental cloud and “ELWebAPITool” have been released to the members (August 2022).

6. Plugfest

  • The 28th plugfest was held at Kanagawa Institute of Technology HEMS Certification Support Center on September 8th and 9th.


ECHONET Consortium activity report (FY2022 1Q)

1. Change of representative director

  • At the board meeting after the 9th Annual General Meeting, Mr. Takeshi Saito was appointed as the new representative director due to the expiration of the term of the former representative (June 2022).

2. Shipment status of ECHONET Lite standard compliant products by FY2021

  • Cumulative shipments of equipment equipped with the ECHONET Lite standard shipped from FY2013 to FY2021 reached 126.31 million units (June 2022).

3. The 9th Annual General Meeting

  • The 8th term (2021) business report, 9th term (2022) business plan and income and expenditure budget plan were reported and the 8th term financial statements, appointment of 4 directors, and appointment of 1 auditor are approved and passed.

4. The 17th ECHONET Forum

  • On Wednesday, July 1, 2022, the 17th ECHONET Forum was held by streaming distribution from the venue via the Internet to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Dr. Yasuo Tan, Vice-president of JAIST, gave a special lecture entitled “Expectations for establishing a joint WG between JEITA and ECHONET Consortium” regarding the collaborative activities with the “JEITA Smart Home Subcommittee,” which is one of priority measures for the realization of ECHONET 2.0. In addition, there were a greeting by Mr. Shin Saito, a technical introduction of three member companies, and an explanation of each committee’s activity plan for FY2022.


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