Activities with CHAdeMO Association

CHAdeMO-ECHONE Lite Linkage Guidelines

ECHONET Consortium and CHAdeMO Association created CHAdeMO−ECHONET Lite Linkage Guidelines to improve interoperability in system construction from controller (including some servers) to EV. This guideline clarifies the sequence of use cases for the entire system and the references to the specifications of both the CHAdeMO standard and the ECHONET Lite standard that realize the relevant use cases.

About CHAdeMO

CHAdeMO is a DC fast charging standard for EVs. Published as an IEC international standard, it provides a unified interface for EVs and quick chargers.

About CHAdeMO Association

CHAdeMO Association is an organization in which all concerned parties, such as such as automobile companies, charger manufacturers, parts manufacturers, engineering companies, charging service companies, electric power companies, and local governments, who support the popularization of EVs and their spread, participate.

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