What is a “smart meter”?

Smart electric energy meters

Smart electric energy meters digitally measure electricity usage and automatically send measured data to power companies. They can also communicate with HEMS controllers via ECHONET Lite and express electricity usage status in visible form, based on the meter readings used for billing.
In July 2015, some power companies in Japan at last started to make smart metering available throughout their service areas. To make energy usage visible using a smart electric energy meter, you need to procure SMA-certified HEMS devices prescribed by the ECHONET CONSORTIUM and then apply to your respective energy provider.
Please procure SMA-certified HEMS devices from SMA-certified controller product URL.Apply to your energy provider for visualization services using smart electric energy meters.


SMA (Smart Meter Application I/F) certification

SMA Certification is short for “Compliance Certification of Interface Specification for Application Layer Communication between Smart Electric Energy Meters and HEMS Controllers”. This specification sets out the requirements for communication between smart electric energy meters and HEMS controllers in order to ensure interoperability, in which HEMS controllers obtain data on electric energy usage measured by smart electric energy meters.
For SMA certification, an impartial third-party organization confirms compliance with the specification by conducting tests on actual devices due for certification, based on certification test specifications.

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