ECHONET Specifications

ECHONET Lite Specifications

Interface Specifications for Application Layer Communication between “Equipment” and HEMS Controllers

Equipment English version Japanese version
Latest Ver. Errata
Low-Voltage Smart Electric Energy Meters Ver.1.10
[PDF 562KB]
[PDF 617KB]
High-Voltage Smart Electric Energy Meters Ver.1.01
[PDF 315KB]
[PDF 513KB]
Bidirectional High-Voltage Smart Electric Energy Meters Ver.1.00
[PDF 405KB]
[PDF 639KB]
Distributed Generator’s Electric Energy Meters   Ver.1.00
[PDF 595KB]
Heat Pump Water Heaters   Ver.1.10
[PDF 775KB]
Home Air Conditioners   Ver.1.10
[PDF 778KB]
Household Solar Power Generations   Ver.1.20
[PDF 510KB]
Instantaneous Water Heaters   Ver.1.02
[PDF 621KB]
Lightings   Ver.1.00
[PDF 878KB]
Storage Batteries   Ver.1.30
[PDF 871KB]
Electric Vehicle Chargers/Dischargers, Electric Vehicle Chargers   Ver.1.40
[PDF 1.3MB]
Fuel Cells   Ver.1.10
[PDF 603KB]
Hybrid Water Heaters   Ver.1.00
[PDF 577KB]
Package-type Commercial Air Conditioners   Ver.1.00
[PDF 1.5MB]
Errata[PDF 46KB] 
Commercial Showcases   Ver.1.00
[PDF 953KB]
Errata[PDF 96KB] 
Lighting Systems   Ver.1.00
[PDF 591KB]
Extended Lighting Systems   Ver.1.00
[PDF 713KB]

ECHONET Lite System Design Guidelines

Guideline for ensuring the reliability of the entire system using ECHONET Lite devices

APPENDIX Detailed Requirements for ECHONET Device Objects

CHAdeMO  ECHONET Lite Linkage Guidelines

ECHONET Lite Web API Guidelines

API specifications section Version 1.1.4 ECHONET_Lite_Web_API_Specs_v1.1.4_e.pdf [PDF 889KB]
Device specifications section Version 1.4.1 ECHONET_Lite_Web_API_Dev_Specs_v1.4.1_e.pdf [PDF 2.5MB]
Device Description(JSON)
(extracted from Device Specification Version 1.4.1) [zip 366KB]

ECHONET Consortium- Personal Connected Health Alliance Guidance on Data Linkages

Machine Readable Appendix (Reference)

ECHONET Specification

Member ID/Manufacturer code List


The specifications published by the ECHONET CONSORTIUM are established without regard to industrial property rights (e.g., patent and utility model rights). In no event will the ECHONET CONSORTIUM be responsible for industrial property rights to the contents of its specifications.
The publisher of this specification is not authorized to license and/or exempt any third party from responsibility for JAVA, IrDA, Bluetooth or HBS.
A party who intends to use JAVA, IrDA, Bluetooth or HBS should take action in being licensed for above-mentioned specifications.
In no event will the publisher of this specification be liable to you for any damages arising out of use of this specification.
The original language of The ECHONET Specification is Japanese. The English version of the Specification was translated the Japanese version. Queries in the English version should be refereed to the Japanese version.
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