Benefits of Membership

  1. 1Members can view and offer opinions concerning drafts during development of the ECHONET Specification.
  2. 2Members can participate in the ECHONET Forums, where they can obtain information on standardization and industrial trends concerning home networks and HEMS.
  3. 3Members can display products at the Seminars, the Forums, and exhibitions.
  4. 4Members can participate the Plug Fests.
  5. 5Members can use the ECHONET Trademarks of ECHONET™, ECHONET Lite™ and ECHONETReady™.
  6. 6Members are provided maker codes needed to develop ECHONET Specification-compliant products.
  7. 7Members can view the members-only website as well as the latest standards.
  8. 8Members can receive the news letters.

Available Membership Options

  Managing member*1 General member*1 Academic member
Eligibility Company recognized as being capable of making a technical contribution to ECHONET Any company in the world having interest in ECHONET Educational institution having interest in ECHONET (university laboratory, etc.)
Annual membership fee*2 3,000,000 yen 300,000 yen
Viewing of specification (after approval) Y Y Y
Approval of final specification (voting right) Y
Viewing of specification drafts and presentation of opinions Y Y Y
Participation in General Meetings Y Y
Participation in Board Meetings Y
Participation in Working Groups Y Y*3
Participation in Forums Y Y Y
Participation in PlugFests Y Y
Use of trademarks Y Y
Supply of maker codes Y Y
Viewing of members-only website Y Y -*4
Subscription of “News Letter” Y Y Y

※1 Managing member or general member can assign affiliated companies as associate members. Annual membership fee for associate member is free of charge and membership rights are the same as a member.
※2 Annual membership fees are applied to all areas of the ECHONET CONSORTIUM’s operation and are exempt from taxation.
※3 On request of the upper committee, the general member can participate in the Working Group.
※4 Necessary materials are provided by the ECHONET CONSORTIUM based on requests from the members.

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