Outline of the 23rd Forum

The 23rd Forum of the ECHONET Consortium was held on the 5th March 2010 at the Plaza Industry Ota. 51 persons of 18 Member Companies as well as METI and related organizations participated, and made active discussions and information exchanges. Mr. Hisashi Sekine, Director of Digital Consumer Electronics Strategy Office, METI, made an invited speech on actions to business and market in China. Other speeches were presented on the overseas investigation, the Asia Home Network Council, the outline of development aid tool to be open to Members, standardization of enegy creation or enegy storage device such as fuel cell or storage battery, IPv6/6LoWPAN WG report, technology introduction by a Member Company.

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The following contents were lectured.

  1. Invited speech: Current Chinese economy trend -future actions for Japanese companies-
  2. Overseas investigation report: Report of ICT for sustainable homes in Europe – activities for realization of smart grid in Europe –
  3. Activity report of the Activation WG – Home network development aid tool compliant with the ECHONET Specification –
  4. Activity report of the Smart EMS WG – A new action of ECHONET on energy management –
  5. Study on ECHONET over IPv6/6LoWPAN
  6. Report of the 11th Asia Home Network Council
  7. Result report of the Eco-products 2009 exhibition
  8. Trend of 6LoWPAN and Hitachi’s action


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