Outline of the 24rd Forum

The 24th Forum of the ECHONET Consortium was held at the Plaza Industry Ohta, Ohta-ku, Tokyo on 30th June 2010. More than 80 people participated from MIC and related organizations as well as 18 Member Companies and exchanged technical information actively.This Forum focused on reports of Smart House Demonstration Project of METI. Mr. Hirata, Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc., the project coordinator, and Mr. Yoshida, Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., who formulated a trial demonstration house, made invited speeches. Hitachi, Ltd. and IBM Japan, Ltd. made speeches on the project reports at the Members Technology Introduction Session.
As activities of the ECHONET Consortium, an overseas research report of Smart Grid & Smart House in the USA in May, a current status of improving the ECHONET Specification, a rental system of the Development Assist Tool for Home Network compliant with the ECHONET Specification were introduced.

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The following contents were lectured.

  1. Operation Plan for Fiscal Year 2010
  2. Invited Speech 1: Smart House Demonstration Project of FY2009, METI – Final Report –
  3. Invited Speech 2: Proposal of Housing API based on ECHONET Protocol
  4. Charge-free Rental of ECHONET Development Assist Tool
  5. Overseas Research Report on Smart Grid Smart House in the USA
  6. Enhancement of the ECHONET Specification and its Future Evolution
  7. Improvement of Device Object System
  8. Report on IPv6 Compatible Specification of ECHONET
  9. On “Smarter House” and “Coalition” of IBM, Contributing to Smart Community Realization
  10. Household Energy Management System Foundation to be Applied to Existing Houses
  11. Development Assist Tool Demonstration Compliant with ECHONET
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