Outline of the 25rd Forum

The 25th Forum of the ECHONET Consortium was held on the 1st Mar 2011 at the Plaza Industry Ota. About 50 persons participated from 17 Member Companies as well as the MIC and cooperating organizations and had an active discussions. At the Forum, the invited speeches were made by Prof. Ogimoto, the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, and Prof. Tan, the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and then the overseas research report, the ENEX 2011 report, the Activation WG report, the Smart EMS Study WG report, the standardization activity reports of the ECHONET Lite and IPv6/6LoWPAN, and a technology introduction of a Member Company.

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The following contents were lectured.

  1. Invited speech: Framework and Vision of Smart Grid -Contribution to Energy and Life”-
  2. Invited speech: ECHONET in this “Smart” age
  3. Overseas investigation report: – Report of ICT for sustainable homes in Europe-
  4. Activity report of the Smart EMS WG – Device objects on energy management and their international standardization –
  5. Activity report of the SA WG – Standardization status of ECHONET Lite –
  6. Activity report of the IPv6/6LoWPAN-SWG – Standardization status of ECHONET over IPv6/6LoWPAN –
  7. Activity report of the Activation WG
  8. Result report of the ENEX 2011 Exhibition
  9. Application of TOSHIBA Home IT System on iHouse


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