Outline of the 30th Forum

The 30th Forum of the ECHONET Consortium was held at Seavans, Minato-ku, Tokyo on July 8th, 2013. About 140 people participated, including from METI as well as 72 Member Companies and exchanged technical information actively. In this Forum, Mr. Yoshinori Yagi, an official from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry gave a presentation as an invited speech. The FY2013 business plans, activities of trade mark managements, international standardizations, certifications, and reports of Technical Committee and Promotion Committee were introduced by the ECHONET Consortium. The seven technical speeches and the eleven exhibitions of products were presented by Members.

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The following contents were lectured.

  1. Introduction of the HEMS (ECHONET Lite) Certification Support Center on Its Activities and Achievements
  2. Strong support for Authentication process and Development to obtain ECHONET Lite certification
  3. An ECHONET Lite based Home Network using 920MHz ZigBee IP
  4. The test supportive tool for ECHONET Lite products “Easy HEMS”
  5. Home automation with ECHONET Lite stack by Ubiquitous and Sercomm SF-IRC01
  6. Ubiquitous ECHONET Lite Solution
  7. ECHONET Lite Conformance Test Solution
  8. Political measures for promotion of smart houses / buildings
  9. Operation Plan for Fiscal Year 2013
  10. The trademark operation related report
  11. Report of Standardization WG
  12. Report of application measures and registration results of certification
  13. Activity report of the Technical Committee
  14. System Architecture WG (SAWG) activity report
  15. Smart EMS Study WG (SEMSWG) activity report
  16. Report of Interoperability WG
  17. Report of Promotion Committee


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