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Sharp Corporation Power Visualization System Controller / Controller

ENL Registration date for certification : 2012/12/21

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000020

Model Number:JH-RTP1  | JH-RTP2
Detail information

Our electric power visualization system, an easy-to-use system consisting of dedicated taps, transponder and tablet, helps smart use of energy. You can get real-time information on electric power usage at home.
No need for special electric construction. Simply put the tap into an power outlet, then the system is ready. (A broadband router with wireless LAN connectivity and settings of some equipments are necessary separately.)
You can do an “easy electric power check”. Simply touch the screen of dedicated tablet, which you can carry around in your house, to get the information on the current and past electricity consumption of each appliance in detail.
You will be more interested in energy saving as you easily check your energy consumption anytime at home.
Combined with Sharp photovoltaic system and/or Sharp battery system, the system shows you real time operational status such as generation of electricity, buying and selling status of electricity, and remaining capacity of battery system. By saving electricity consumption you can increase selling of electricity from photovoltaic system, leading to triple merit of “saving electricity consumption + generation of electricity + relief”.

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