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GWSOLAR Corporation AC measurement unit Measuring Device / Power Distribution Board Metering

ENL Registration date for certification : 2013/1/24

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000036

Model Number:GW-PV-HEMS
Detail information

「AC measurement unit」 is an first product that passed the ECHONET Lite standard authentication in the distribution board metering class.
The main function of 「AC measurement unit」 is as a construction equipment of 「HEMS pvCloud」made by GW solar, measuring the electric power generated of solar panels and the electric power consumption of household.
By connecting to a router that is being used at home when the ECHONET Lite-enabled home appliances are in the network, the operating status can be checked. if there are devices to be controlled, it is possible to control by setting the timer function.
In addition, the data of amount of electric power generated and consumption can be monitored anywhere anytime on the Internet.

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