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Kawamura Electric Inc. en Station EcoEye Measuring Device / Power Distribution Board Metering

ENL Registration date for certification : 2013/6/10

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000050

Model Number:ENY ****  |  EN*Y ****  |  EN*Y ****-*  |  EN*Y ****-**  |  ELY ****  |  EL*Y ****  |  EL*Y ****-*  |  EL*Y ****-**  |  NSY-1-*

We developed Residential distribution board 「EcoEye」 aiming to transfer many kinds of information rapid and accuracy to Home Energy Management System(HEMS).
「EcoEye」 can not only distribute and protect but also being monitored energy amount of electricity, gas and water.

Our new sensor in 「EcoEye」can monitor current of branch circuit wide range and sensitively.
Moreover, we developed the smallest distribution board in our market by modifying electrical device same shape as breaker.

We have produced new generation residential distribution board, adopted standard of HEMS protocol “ ECHONET Lite”, it can consolidate with other system easily and reliably.

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