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Sharp Corporation HEMS Controller, Cloud HEMS Controller / Controller

ENL Registration date for certification : 2013/12/16

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000101

Model Number:HEMS Controller:JH-AG02K1  | JH-AG02  | JH-AG01W1  | JH-AG01  |  Cloud HEMS:JH-RTP4  | JH-RTP5
Detail information

Our Cloud HEMS helps smart use of energy, even after power retailing liberalization in 2016.An easy-to-use system consisting of dedicated taps and the HEMS controller. With your smart phone, tablet and/or PC, you can easily get information on your electric power usage at home at any time you want, and you will get to saving energy consumption without too much efforts..
No need for special electric construction. Simply put the tap into an power outlet, then the system is ready. (A broadband router with wireless LAN connectivity and settings of some equipments are necessary separately.)
With SHARP cloud battery system, our Cloud HEMS automatically controls the discharge of the battery according to weather forecast.
When the Cloud System receives a weather warning (heavy rain, flood, storm, high tide, high waves, snow storm and heavy snow which may cause blackout), the system automatically starts charging battery for your peace of mind.
With Sharp cloud HEMS system, you can remotely operate SHARP air conditioner and/or Sharp EcoCute system with your smart phone from outside your house.
Cloud HEMS automatically estimates and suggests the best suitable charge plan for you based on the accumulated power consumption history of yours.

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