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Renesas Electronics Corporation RL78 ECHONET Lite Solution Kit Controller / Controller

ENL Registration date for certification : 2014/3/11

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000121

Model Number:R0K578L1CD000BR + MB-RL7023-02AL
Detail information

It is possible to evaluate for the 920MHz band communication using the ECHONET Lite.
RL78/L1C microcomputer is implemented ECHONET Lite.
By changing the software, it is possible to evaluate for such as HA using communication function
and health care products.

The kit can be operated “controller class”, “home air conditioners class”, “smart power meter class”
and “general lighting class” and it is possible to evaluate in the opposing between devices.

The configuration of the RL78 ECHONET Lite solution kit has
RL78/L1C HMI solutions kit and (R0K578L1CD000BR) 920MHz band communication module(MB-RL7023-02AL).

R0K578L1CD000BR mounted segment LCD display, audio playback, and capacitive touch function.
Features is that it can be evaluated on the assumption of the actual application using these function.

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