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Sharp Corporation Air Purifier with humidifying Air-Conditioner Device / Air Cleaner

ENL Registration date for certification : 2014/8/26

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000152

Model Number:KI-EX100-N
Detail information

Sharp Air purifier with humidifying “KI-EX100″can connect with the cloud server by purchasing the adaptor, it is a corresponding “Tomodachi Kaden”(mean friends home appliances) to help your life. In addition, it will create clean condition of the room all year round by Plasmacluter 25000 and one of a kind air flow.

Sharp “KI-EX100” has the following features.

1. Tomodachi Kaden
In wireless LAN, cloud connection, it will you to assist the living. It advise you based on a state of the air or weather, and you can check a state of the air of the room and operate air purifier by remote control.
2. Plasmacluter Powerful Shot mode
It release Plasmacluter ion forward intensively and it can suppress the activity of airborne viruses and reduce the odor of the sofa or carpet.
※ There are a lot of excellent features to other. Following, please check with the Sharp website.

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