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SAKA TECHNO SCIENCE CO., LTD. EDISMA HEMS Gateway Controller / Controller

ENL Registration date for certification : 2014/8/26

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000153

Model Number:SB-M01-ES SB-M01-ESM
0120-01-7755 06-6440-8687
Detail information

EDISMA HEMS Gateway collects electric power data, gas consumption data, water consumption data and temp/humidity data, and upload them to EDISMA HEMS Server through a broadband router.
It can also operate home electric appliances by remote control and do automatic control via ECHONET Lite.
Power Supply: AC adaptor 5VDC/1A
Communication mode: Wired = 10BASE-T・100BASE-TX
            Wireless = 920MHz Specified Low Power Radio
    * Connector for WiSUN commiunication module is built-in.
I/O terminal: LAN port (RJ-45) JEM-A terminal
Dimensions(excluding Stand): 108.5(W)x85.0(H)x22.5(D)mm

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