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Mitsubishi Electric Corp. Floor heating system Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Floor Heater

ENL Registration date for certification : 2019/04/10

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000162

Appendix Version: Release D

Model Number:VEH-304HCD-K + HM-02A-VEH
[Floor Heater]+[Adapter]
[Floor Heater]
VEH-304HCC-K | VEH-406HCC-K | VEH-406HCC-M | VEH-507HCC-K | VEH-507HCC-M | VEH-712HCC-K | VEH-712HCC-M | VEH-304HCD-K | VEH-406HCD-K | VEH-406HCD-M | VEH-507HCD-K | VEH-507HCD-M | VEH-712HCD-K | VEH-712HCD-M
Detail information

It is a heat pump cold / hot water system with excellent energy saving performance. In addition to floor heating, it can also be used for cooling applications by using dedicated panel heaters.
By connecting with Mitsubishi HEMS, you can operate remote control in each room, change the set temperature, and visualize the energy consumption of the entire system.
In order to operate the system, it needs to be connected to “control adapter (HM-02A-VEH)” and “Mitsubishi HEMS information collection unit (HM-GW03)” , and the operation display terminal (tablet) is also required.

Mitsubishi Heat Pump Cool and Hot Water System Econ Cool Website:
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