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Sharp Corporation Drum-type washing and drying machine Cooking/Household-Related Device / Washer and Dryer

ENL Registration date for certification : 2014/12/5

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000176

Model Number:ES-Z300-NL
Detail information

Sharp drum-type washing and drying machine “ES-Z300″can connect with the cloud server, it is a corresponding “Tomodachi Kaden”(mean friends home appliances) to help your laundry. In addition, it will drop stubborn dirt firmly in micro high-pressure washing.
In addition, in the washing and drying machine washing 9kg / dry 6kg class, it has the energy saving performance and water-saving performance of the industry’s highest level.
(May 1, 2015 currently)

Sharp “ES-Z300” has the following features.

1. Tomodachi Kaden
In wireless LAN, cloud connection, it will you to assist the living. Or washing machine to inform the weather, you can also check the electricity bill and use the amount of water applied to the laundry in the smartphone.

2. Micro high-pressure washing
The tap water at a high pressure water supply nozzle, and by spraying to vigorously clothing in the per second more than one million of small water droplets, and flicked a dirt at once.

※ There are a lot of excellent features to other. Following, please check with the Sharp website.

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