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Sharp Corporation Combination microwave oven (Electronic oven) Cooking/Household-Related Device / Electronic Oven

ENL Registration date for certification : 2014/12/5

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000177

Model Number:AX-XP1WF-* (*: color number)
Detail information

Adopting Wireless LAN, this new HEALSIO connects to the Internet and brings you not only healthy food life but also more efficient cooking style by supporting to select daily menu and advising you like your friends. HEALSIO or specified smart phone application for this HEALSIO called “COCORO BOARD” considers and proposes you daily menu from seasons, annual events, weather, and schedule of your family. This HEALSIO release you from the troublesome of what to cook every day. After selecting menu, you can make shopping list automatically, just checking the ingredients not stocked at your home from the ingredients list, so you can prevent to forget to buy food ingredients essential for the menu. Even if you are at outside, selecting menu from “COCORO BOARD” and downloading it to HEALSIO by smart phone, you can start cooking soon after coming back to your home. HEALSIO make your daily cooking life more efficient.
*In addition to HEALSIO, Wireless LAN access point (not included), smart phone or tablets (not included) are needed to use this function.

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