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Hitachi Appliances, Inc. Room Air Conditioner Air-Conditioner Device / Home Air Conditioner

Registration date for certification : 2015/11/19

Certification Number: GZ-000224

Model Number:SP-EM1+RAS-V**E  |  SP-EM1+RAS-V**E2  |  SP-EM1+RAS-ZJ**F  |  SP-EM1+RAS-ZJ**F2  |  SP-EM1+RAS-XJ**F  |  SP-EM1+RAS-XJ**F2

The HEMS correspondence Air-conditioner which is connected with a HEMS controller through a HEMS adapter can operate from the HEMS controller.
The possible operation is “ON/OFF of the operation”, “change of the operation mode”,”change of the setting temperature”,”change of the setting humidity (only at the time of dehumidification operation)”,”change of the wind speed”,”setting of wind swing direction”, “setting power saving ON/OFF”.
The chekable display is “operation mode”,”setting temperature”, “setting humidity (only at the time of dehumidification operation)”, “wind speed”,”direction of the wind”, ” power consumption.
Possible operation and possible display content vary according to an HEMS controller.
“HEMS adapter”,”HEMS controller corresponding to the Hitachi air-conditioner”,”network enviroment”,”a wireless LAN router corresponding to the WPS” are necessary for “the air-conditioner which is accessible to the HEMS controller”.
Please check the URL page for the details informations of HEMS.

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