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Panasonic Corporation Smart Cosmo Type LAN Measuring Device / Power Distribution Board Metering

ENL Registration date for certification : 2017/7/13

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000229

Model Number:MKH3*  | MKH8*  | MKHF3*  | MKHF8  | MKHD3*  | MKHD8  | MKH3*+MKN7301S  | MKH8*+MKN7301S  | MKHF3*+MKN7301S  | MKHF8*+MKN7301S  | MKHD3*+MKN7301S  | MKHD8*+MKN7301S  | MKH7  | MKH7*+MKN7301S  | BHA*  | BHH*  | MKH*
Detail information

Smart Cosmo Type LAN is equipped with the branch current sensors to all branch circuits (max 43 circuit) in the switchboard.
It can measure the power by the branch current sensors and CT (max 8 circuit).

・Measurement object:
the load devices,the solar power devices,a fuel cell device, a water meter,a gas meter

A water meter and a gas meter are measured by the pulse.

・Corresponding class of ECHONET Lite:
Power distribution board metering class,household solar power generation class, fuel cell class, water flowmeter class, gas meter class

・Necessary equipment:
Smart Cosmo Type LAN,the broadband router, the corresponding controller

The pulse measurement for a gas meter and a water meter require communication adapter.
For CT measurement, requires CT and cable.

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