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Sharp Corporation Combination microwave oven (Electronic oven) Cooking/Household-Related Device / Electronic Oven

ENL Registration date for certification : 2015/09/14

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000265

Model Number:AX-XP2WF-*
Detail information

New HEALSIO・・・・・leads to the Cloud, and enables you to search menu and cooking set by means of featured Voice Dialogue.
HEALSIO as a cooking advisor in kitchen proposes the perfect menu from the rich “HEALSIO recipe” on the Cloud, when you talk to HEALSIO about foodstuff (food Ingredients) and category of Cuisine.
In addition, even in troublesome cooking setting, it can do just a simple set talk. Also, if you scored the cooked menu in the voice like “star three”, you will be able to know in the ranking a menu of high evaluation. Furthermore, HEALSIO supports and proposes not only daily tedious menu-decision, but also seasonable menu for events and festivals by voice.

※ In case of use and enjoy above function, Mobile Terminal Equipment like Smartphone (not included), Wireless LAN Access Point Device compatible to Push Button Method (not included), Broadband Line of always-on connection, and Smartphone Application “COCORO BOARD” (free), etc. are required.

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