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NEC Platforms Controller Controller / Controller

ENL Registration date for certification : 2015/9/14

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000268

Model Number:IG100*
Detail information

NEC’s Home Gateway is a product complies with “Wi-SUN” standard – one of the wireless communication standards for Smart Meter. This device can acquire B-route data by connecting to Smart Meter (except IG1001* does not support Wi-SUN). In addition to Home Gateway, Power Measurement Device could measure power consumption data of large home appliances and each circuit such as floor, room.

Furthermore, by using ECHONET Lite communication, energy information of home appliances, small energy storage system and solar energy generation system is also collected and accumulated to NEC’s Cloud to which user can access by a PC or tablet to view and control (control function is limited to target devices).

NEC aims to provide a comfortable living environment for users and in near future, NEC will strengthen the cooperation with devices that compatible to ECHONET Lite standard.

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