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Sharp Corporation Multi-Energy Monitor Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Solar Power Generation

ENL Registration date for certification : 2016/02/09

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000291

Model Number:JH-RWL7Y

JH-RWL7Y (Multi-Energy Monitor) collectively operates a solar power generation system, a storage battery system ‎.
*To collectively operate a solar power generation system, and a storage battery system
If you place JH-RWL7Y at the time of the installation of a solar power generation system, you can also connect our storage battery system* to the JH-RWL7Y in future. You can check and control the solar power generation system, the storage battery system on the single monitor of the JH-RWL7Y.
(* limited to Sharp system)
In addition, the JH-RWL7Y can control our power conditioners up to three.
* User-friendly large 7-inch touch screen
The large LCD (liquid crystal display) screen shows the power generation status in figures and graphic form. With simple touch operation, you can check various information, such as the amount of usage power, the amount of solar power generation and the remaining of storage battery.
* Built-in wireless LAN unit
You can connect the network in a wireless LAN, AOSS (TM), WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup (TM)) support, to connect the Sharp solar monitoring center with easy set-up.

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