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Sharp Corporation Combination microwave oven (Electronic oven) Cooking/Household-Related Device / Electronic Oven

ENL Registration date for certification : 2017/04/04

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000337

Model Number:AX-XW300-*  | AX-XW400-*  | AX-AW400-*(*: color code)
Detail information

  “Water Oven Healsio”, which has a feature of a wireless LAN connection and a voice interactive communication, resolves housewives’ day-to-day destress for menu planning through the voice conversation connecting with the cloud services “COCORO KITCHEN”. For example, when you talk to Healsio, “What shall I cook tonight?” or “I have pork and eggs in the refrigerator. What dish can I cook?”, then, Healsio chooses and proposes you the perfect menu from a variety of “HEALSIO recipes” on the cloud by AI (Artificial Intelligence) which takes into account the season, weather, cooking history and the like. Since the AI automatically learns, the more you consult the preferences of your family to Healsio, it will continue to get customized for your family.
* The use of cloud services “COCORO KITCHEN” and voice interactive communication feature requires a wireless LAN connection.

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