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ELIIY Power Co., Ltd. POWER YIILE 3 Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Storage Battery

ENL Registration date for certification : 2016/06/09

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000339

AIF Certification Number
Model Number:PPS-30(SI)  | PPS-30(BK)

Our new portable indoor electricity storage system “POWER YIILE 3” further evolved. Compared with our conventional models(*), POWER YIILE 3 becomes not only approximately 20 % more compact and light-weighted, but also provides higher output power(1.5kVA/1.4kW), maintaining the same electricity storage capacity(2.5kWh). In addition to these improvement, POWER YIILE 3 works approximately 40 % more efficiently overall. POWER YIILE 3 can widely provide a better solution known as “BCP” in the offices or municipalities, peak-shift at home, and emergency power supply. (*)POWER YIILE PLUS/PPS-11, PPS-20

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