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TAKAOKA TOKO CO., LTD. Eco.Web5 Controller / Controller

ENL Registration date for certification : 2017/11/22

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000346

AIF Certification Number
Model Number:MPAC1d  |  SPDC1d  |  SPDC2d
Detail information

Eco.Web5 is connected to a high-Voltage smart amount of electric power meter by ECHONET Lite protocol, information on a measured value is acquired and the average electric power is calculated for 30 minutes. This is called the demand value, and watches so that this doesn’t exceed the target value. When the anxiety which exceeds the target value forms while predicting the most large of the demand value by the cycle for 30 minutes for this, a warning,, and, the entering limit of the load is done, and controls so as not to exceed the target value.
Eco.Web5 has Docomo communication module built-in, and possesses the function which sends a measured value to the cloud server. Using the cloud service by which the user is an option, the remote empty watch circumstances and the list data can be confirmed.

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