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NF Corporation LITHIUM ION BATTERY ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Storage Battery

ENL Registration date for certification : 2016/10/28

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000368

Model Number:LS3066HES  |  LS3066H*

This product is a lithium ion battery energy storage system for home use, which has a 7.0 kWh energy capacity lithium ion battery (6.6 kWh rated energy capacity) built-in.
The system works with single-phase three-wire 202 V distribution on interconnecting operation or single-phase three-wire 202 V / single-phase two-wire 101 V distribution on self-sustaining operation.
In cases where the system works with solar power generation system, it is possible to operate the solar power generation system even during a power failure.
This is the best energy storage system for home use, small shop, or small office.

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