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ELIIY Power Co., Ltd. storage battery Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Storage Battery

ENL Registration date for certification : 2018/02/06

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000411

AIF Certification Number
Model Number:EPS-20 | EPS-30S | EPS-30D | EPS-30SR | EPS-30DR

This is a “Hybrid electricity storage system” integrating electricity storage system with large-sized lithium-ion batteries and power conditioner of solar power generation system.
You can store the electricity generated by solar power generation system and commercial power supply and make the most of it whenever necessary. The storage system can provide efficient and stable power supply as well, thanks to the automatic connection between solar power generation system and storage batteries.
In addition, the battery cells passed the strict product safety test for the first time in the world as a large-sized lithium ion battery, proved by an international third-party certification body “TUV Rheinland”. They don’t smoke or catch fire even if internal short-circuiting, crush and over discharge occur, which makes you realize its world’s top class safety.
* Safety standard certification (Abuse Test manual for Lithium ion cells v.2: 2011)

■ Supported products
・ POWER iE5 Link (product part number: EPS-30S / EPS-30D / EPS-30SR (salt damage preventing model) / EPS-30DR (salt damage preventing model))
・ POWER iE 6 HYBRID (product number: EPS – 20)

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