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Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.(former Hitachi Appliances, Inc.) Power Conditioner Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Solar Power Generation

ENL Registration date for certification : 2018/3/7

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000424

Appendix Version: Release G

Model Number:HSS-P55DHT + HSS-Y10D2 | HSS-P40D series+ HSS-Y10D series| HSS-P55D series+ HSS-Y10D series| HSS-PS49D series+ HSS-Y10D series| HSS-PS59D series+ HSS-Y10D series| HSS-P40E series+ HSS-Y10D series| HSS-P55E series+ HSS-Y10D series| HSS-PS49E series+ HSS-Y10D series| HSS-PS55E series+ HSS-Y10D series| HSS-PS59E series+ HSS-Y10D series
Detail information

Hitachi PCS (Power Conditioning System) is loaded with a low-loss SiC diode on its control circuit. The Hitachi original inverter technology realizes high power conversion efficiency by making its composition elements low-loss, such as electrical components and the circuit pattern. By connecting Hitachi PCS that is connectable to HEMS, and the Hitachi Output Control Unit/Set (HEMS adaptor), it can be cooperated with the HEMS controller.
* In order to cooperate, a verification of the interconnection with our products is required.

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