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Sharp Corporation Air Purifier Air-Conditioner Device / Air Cleaner

ENL Registration date for certification : 2017/08/21

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000452

Model Number:KI-HX75-W  | KI-H75YX-W  | KI-X75E5-W  | KI-HS70-W  | KI-HS70-H  | KI-HS50-W  | KI-HS50-H  | KI-S50E5-W  | KI-S50E5-H
0120-078-178 (toll free), 0570-550-449(from cell phone)
Detail information

Typical models: KI-HX75-W, KI-HS70-W/H, KI-HS50-W/H
“KI-HX75/HS70/HS50” is an humidifying air purifier equipped with Plasmacluster 25000 and wireless LAN function.

(Main Features)
1. Analyzes the operation situation and indoor/outdoor air quality information, and informs the level of replacement time of the filter via smartphone. (KI-HX75/HS70/HS50)
2. Compatible with AIoT cloud service “COCORO AIR” which learns the usage and preference of the owner and automatically swiches to a comfortable operation without manual operation. (KI-HX75)
3.”Automatic cleaning power unit” reduces time for maintenance and minimizes dust collecting performance loss. (KI-HX75)
* There are many more excellent features. Please check the Sharp website for more information.
* The use of a wireless LAN function requires a wireless LAN connection.

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