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Mitsubishi Electric Corp. Television Audiovisual-Related Device / Television

ENL Registration date for certification : 2017/10/05

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000467

Model Number:DSM-**L7X (** represents size difference of a device screen)

1. The feature of the equipment
This is LCD TV with home network function. This TV has the function to hear sound clearly if the sound is the small volume.
2. The function about the ECHONET Lite standard
You can confirm the state of the Home electric appliances and the energy use situation in the home using this TV connecting to the Home electric appliances through the information collection unit made by us. And this TV can be turned off by remote control.
3. Other information
* Necessary equipment
    Information collection unit made by us, broadband router
* Communication media
    Wired LAN
* Composition to use
    Connect the information collection unit made by us, via broadband router

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