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Sharp Corporation Air Purifier Air-Conditioner Device / Air Cleaner

ENL Registration date for certification : 2020/06/24

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000479

Appendix Version: Release I

Model Number:KI-JP100-W + HW-B01
[Air Cleaner1]+[Adapter1]
[Air Cleaner1]
KI-JP100-W | KI-HP100-W | KI-JX75-W | KI-J75YX-W | KI-X75E6-W

[Air Cleaner2]+[Adapter2]
[Air Cleaner2]
KI-JS70-W | KI-JS70-H | KI-JS50-W | KI-JS50-H | KI-S50E6-W | KI-S50E6-H
HW-B01 | HW-Z01
Detail information

Typical models:KI-JP100-W
“KI-JP100” is a humidifying air purifier equipped with Plasmacluster NEXT and wireless LAN function.

1. As well as purifying the air, equipped with “Plasmacluster NEXT” which creates a “Less stress” and “helping to maintain concentration” environment for people.
2. Notify the smartphone when the room becomes hot, and watch over your pet and children. It also supports special modes for dogs and cats that they live comfortably.
3. Compatible with AIoT cloud service “COCORO AIR” which learns the usage, preference and life rhythm of the owner and automatically switches to a comfortable operation without manual operation.
4. “Automatic cleaning power unit” reduces time for maintenance and minimizes dust collecting performance loss.
* There are many more excellent features. Please check the Sharp website for more information.
* The use of a wireless LAN function requires a wireless LAN connection.

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