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Sharp Corporation Air Conditioner Air-Conditioner Device / Home Air Conditioner

ENL Registration date for certification : 2017/12/07

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000480

AIF Certification Number
Model Number:AY-H40X2-W | AY-H**X-W(**:22/25/28/36) | AY-H**X2-W(**:40/56/63/71/80) | AY-H**XE6(**:22/25/28/36/40/56/63/71/80) | AY-H**H-W(**:22/25/28/40) | AY-H**H2-W(**:56) | AY-H**EE6(**:22/25/28/40/56) | AY-H**D-W(**:22/25/28/40) | AY-H**D2-W(**:56) | AY-H**DE6(**:22/25/28/40/56) | AY-H**DKS(**:22/25/28/40/56) | AY-H**S-W(**:22/25/28/40) | AC-**8HT(**:22/25/28/36) | AC-**8HT2(**:40/56)

H-X:Plasmacluster air conditioner with “Plasmacluster NEXT” realized the surroundings helping people to relieve their stress and to keep their concentration.
Cloud service controlling the operation automatically by learning usage or surroundings and remote operation by Smart Phone available by built-in wireless LAN adopter without optional equipment.

Necessary equipments : Objective air conditioner + Wireless LAN access point + Always-on broadband Internet connection
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