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OSAKI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Home Gateway Controller / Controller

ENL Registration date for certification : 2020/10/02

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000528

Appendix Version: Release H / M

AIF Certification Number
MZ-000207 (EV Chager/Discharger Ver.1.20) | MZ-000208 (Hybrid Water Heater Ver.1.00) | MZ-000075 (Heat Pump Water Heater Ver.1.10) | MZ-000076 (Home Air Conditioner Ver.1.00) | MZ-000077 (Solar Power Generation Ver.1.00) | MZ-000078 (Instantaneous Water Heater Ver.1.02) | MZ-000079 (Storage Battery Ver.1.10) | MZ-000080 (Fuel Cell Ver.1.10)
Model Number:RNU-216M [Release H] | RNU-216[Release H / M] | RNU-216*[Release H / M] | RNU-216M*[Release H / M]
Detail information

“Energy saving” control by visualization of energy and optimum control, “Comfortable” function such as remote control and cool wind control system realized.
Provide safety and security functions such as ‘heat stroke alert’ and ‘crime prevention alert’ combined with temperature / humidity sensor / opening / closing sensor.
Software version 01.10.09 or later APPENDIX Release H
Software version 01.20.15 or later APPENDIX Release M

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