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NIHON TECHNO CO.,LTD. ES SYSTEM Controller / Controller

ENL Registration date for certification : 2020/04/15

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000708

Appendix Version: Release G

AIF Certification Number
QZ-000103 (High Voltage Smart Meter Ver.1.00)
Model Number:ESE01 | ESE**

ES System transmits several information derived from smart meter to the other apparatus by specified low-power radio. It transmits consumption of electrical power to SMART CLOCK and SMARTMETER ERIA making possible visualization of electricity, by which it arouse activities of saving energy. It further serves to make various analyses by the demand viewing service. Not only the peak demand warning, it makes possible to inform you the timing of commencing energy conservation activity in detail by setting the target (48 cases) made by 30 minutes. Besides, it furnishes function of remote surveillance on high-voltage electricity receiving facility. It monitors and detects when an emergency occurs such as complete power interruption, leakage, instantaneous voltage drop, and transfer temperature.
We are authenticated AIF CERITIFICATION OF ECONET Lite which makes development of new service possible because of steep increase in apparatus mutually connectible in near future.

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