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NALTEC, Inc. Smart meter Measuring Device / Watt-Hour Meter

ENL Registration date for certification : 2020/11/12

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000749

Appendix Version: Release N

Model Number:NCA-LA485T2A + S2MS-RNS22
[Adapter]+[Electric Power Meter]
[Electric Power Meter]
S1MS-RNS22 | S1MS-TNS22 | S1MS-TNS22r | S2MS-TNS22 | S2MS-TNS22r | S3MS-RNS22 | S3MS-TNS22 | S3MS-TNS22r | S2RS-TLNS22 | S2RS-TLNS22r | S3RS-TLNS22 | S3RS-TLNS22r | S1NS-RNS22 | S2NS-RNS22 | S3NS-RNS22 | SP3PS-RLNS17V | SV3PS-RLNS17V | S1PS-RLNS17V | S2PS-RLNS17V | S3PS-RLNS17V | S4PS-RLNS17V | S18WS-TAL | S18WS-TALr | S43S-TAL | S43S-TALr | S43S-TL | S43S-TLr

This product is the general industrial smart meter (sub-meter) called “SmaMe series” which confirms to ECHONET Lite.
Using ECHONET Lite communication, the combination of the “SmaMe series” and the communication adapter collects electric power data such as solar power generation, charging/discharging of electric power for batteries and EVs, and the private electric power consumption by small-scale shops.
The integrated electric energy value can be used for transactions and certification.

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