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ELIIY Power Co., Ltd. Electricity storage hybrid system Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Storage Battery

POWER iE5 GRID / POWER iE5 GRID II is the Hybrid Energy Storage System contains the solar power conditioner and the large capacity lithium ion battery.
Independent power output in the power failure is 5.5kVA maximum ,available for both 100/200V products, which enable to connect multiple home electric products at once during the power failure.
Also, it is possible to combine 2 battery units to secure enough electricity storage for longer period power outage.
The lithium-ion battery integrated in the battery unit passed the strict product safety test called TUV-S. Therefore the battery cell won’t catch fire or smoke even in case internal short circuit , over charged or discharged, or crushed.
* Safety standard certification (Abuse Test manual for Lithium ion cells v.2: 2011)

Electricity storage capacity : 5.4kWh(EPS-40S)/10.8kWh(EPS-40D)/6.4kWh(EPS-41S)/12.9kWh(EPS-41D)
Rated output : 8kW/5.5kW(in power failure)

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