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TABUCHI ELECTRIC Co.,Ltd. Electricity storage hybrid system Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Storage Battery

ENL Registration date for certification : 2021/02/12

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000764

Appendix Version: Release M

AIF Certification Number
LZ-000229 (Storage Battery Ver.1.10) | LZ-000230 (Solar Power Generation Ver.1.10)
Model Number:EHF-S55MP3B + EOF-LB70-TK
[Power Conditioner]+[Storage Battery]
[Power Conditioner]
EH*-S**MP*B | EH*-S**MP*B-** | EH*-S**MP*B-*** | CSTH**GSF | PCT-**RH1A | PCT-**RH1A*
[Storage Battery]
EO*-LB**-** | EO*-LB**-**-** | EO*-LB**-**-*** | CSTL**GF | CB-LKT**A

Hybrid inverter for solar power generation and battery storage system.

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