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EBARA JITSUGYO POWER CO., LTD.(EBARA JITSUGYO CO., LTD.) EJ1-HB Hybrid Storage Battery System Controller / Controller

ENL Registration date for certification : 2021/05/18

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000768

Appendix Version: Release M

AIF Certification Number
MZ-000219 (EV Chager/Discharger Ver.1.20)
Model Number:EJ1-HB173-HA | EJ1-HB173-H | EJ1-HB115-HA | EJ1-HB115-H | EJ1-HB58-HA | EJ1-HB58-H | EJ1-HB115S-HA | EJ1-HB115S-H

We will povide a ZEH-compatible hybrid power storage system equipped with a completely new concept of AI optimized control.

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