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CHOFU SEISAKUSHO CO.,LTD. (former Sunpot Co., Ltd) Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) System Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Cold or Hot Water Heat Source Equipment

ENL Registration date for certification : 2021/06/11

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000782

Appendix Version: Release M

Model Number:GSHP-1050X+CMR-3102VM-SP
[cold or hot water heat source equipments]+[Controllers]
[cold or hot water heat source equipments]
GSHP-1050URX | GSHP-0650

This heat pump system generates cold water and warm water by utilizing ground source heat energy and can operate cooling and heating with high efficiency.In addition, the system can be performed operation and confirmation of the setting temperatureby Echonet Lite-adaptive controller.
For this use, remote controller that equipped wireless LAN module (optional accessories) is necessary to be connected to the system.

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