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KYOCERA Corporation Energy Storage System Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Storage Battery

ENL Registration date for certification : 2024/03/19

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000810

Appendix Version: Release K / P.0

AIF Certification Number
LZ-000167 (Storage Battery Ver.1.10) | MZ-000243 (Heat Pump Water Heater Ver.1.10) | LZ-000358 (Storage Battery Ver.1.11)
Model Number:EGS-LM0500 (Firmware version : 3.0.8 or later)
EGS-LM1000 (Firmware version : 3.0.8 or later) | EGS-LM1500 (Firmware version : 3.0.8 or later) | EGS-LM0500S (Firmware version : 3.0.8 or later) | EGS-LM1000S (Firmware version : 3.0.8 or later) | EGS-LM1500S (Firmware version : 3.0.8 or later) | EGS-LM0550 (Firmware version : 11.0.0 or later) | EGS-LM1100 (Firmware version : 11.0.0 or later) | EGS-LM1650 (Firmware version : 11.0.0 or later)

This is the world’s first * 1 residential lithium ion storage system equipped with a clay type lithium ion storage battery.
This product is available in 5.0kWh, 10.0kWh, 15.0kWh or 5.5kWh, 11.0kWh, 16.5kWh (rated capacities) that meet various customer needs. We are particular about the design of the product and realize a beautiful form by removing the seam of the appearance.
In addition, a communication modem is equipped as standard, and equipment monitoring services are provided so that you can use this system with peace of mind at any time, such as remotely upgrading a farm.
This system can works together with solar system, it is that the customer can start self-consume the energy generated by solar system after FIT expiration.
For indoor installations, the guarantee is 15 years, which is the longest class industry. Combining highly reliable Kyocera solar system, with this storage system enables stable energy generation and storage over a long period of time, making them suitable for ZEH and self-consumption homes.
* 1 Research by Kyocera (as of October 2, 2019). As a clay-type power storage system.

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