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GoodWe Technologies Co.,Ltd. Energy storage system Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Solar Power Generation

ENL Registration date for certification : 2024/02/19

ENL Certification Number: GZ-000926

Appendix Version: Release Q.1

AIF Certification Number
LZ-000352 (Storage Battery Ver.1.21) | LZ-000353 (Solar Power Generation Ver.1.11)
Model Number:GW5500-EI-F9.6P | GW5500-EI-F12.8P

An efficient solution for solar power generation lies in achieving a high level of energy independence. GoodWe’s EI series is a single-phase hybrid power conditioner specifically designed for the Japanese market, promoting self-consumption of solar energy at home. The 4MPPT design can accommodate complex roof shapes and increase power generation efficiency. The EI Series’ plug-and-play functionality, compact, lightweight design makes system installation faster and easier.
By combining the Lynx Home F series (9.6/12.8kWh) battery, the EI hybrid power conditioner ensures sufficient backup power and can supply power even in emergency situations. This versatile and reliable capital investment optimizes power independence while increasing the diversity of power consumption.

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